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Funny Halloween Game Zombify Me

You are looking for one of fantastic Games Mobile, which are available on the game market, for Halloween holiday . Why not  try to play Zombify Me. Game is designed by CGATT- a team of talented designers to create the multicolor Halloween. Let’s see “Zombify Me” !

Halloween is knocking and also knocking into the passion gate fully inspired of CGART. In the wonderful atmosphere of Halloween and bring the fresh wind in the  Game mobile. We introduce the game “Zombify Me – Super fun halloween game” with the first version was quickly many gamers are interested in and shared. The presence of these unique features, the familiar gameplay together with the true vibrant images in Zombify Me, which has brought experience together with the really interesting challenge to the players.

In the first time entering into Zombify Me, the players can feel the graphics and gameplay style is characterized Halloween. The interface design details features that make Zombify Me become more attractive in the eyes of the players.

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Background characterized Halloween


By step into the world Zombify Me is the character and the background images in the game is designed very vividly. With image-based fascinating style; natural , we want to target to players rather than going in the direction of normal development.

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The character and the background images in the game is designed very vividly


Especially the characters are designed in various styles, with each character possesses their own individual skills, detailed design based on multicolor tone, with bright 3D graphic style. It has a lot of character to select.

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Especially the characters are designed in various styles, with bright 3D graphic style


Action elements of the game combined with the background and characterized Halloween music will lead you to the real challenge on the race speed with intimidating obstacles.

You will have the rewards along the journey to conquer stage equivalent to the number of points earned. Just missed a second that you will miss the gifts and failures. This means you have to try to focus and keep their play button. One part of Zombify Me mentioned in that is how to control the character to run at a suitable speed and touch the gifts along the way to overcome all obstacles to the finish. Easy to play but not easy to win!.

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Real challenge in the race speeds with frightening obstacles


If you  are interested season mobil game in this Halloween of CGART please come to Zombify Me by downloading and installing via Google Play and Apple Store.

Zombify Me is a real challenge for anyone who loves speed!.