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Clients come to CG Art Creation with their project will find an experienced team of artists with flexible work flow to guarantee their product will always be on schedule and budgets are always within limits.

Client's Common Issues and Challenges

Time consuming process of testing multiple outsourcing teams to find the suitable candidate for current project

  • Inexperience.
  • Understaffed (Short-handed, short-staffed, overstretched).
  • Art Style incompatible.
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Previous Outsource experiences were too costly, too tedious, time consuming and poor management

  • Lacking/Inadequate Workflow/Pipeline.
  • Poor Communication.
  • Inexperienced Project Manager.
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Final Results/Products are too different from expectation, resulted in disatisfaction at the final phase of the project

  • Misinterpreted Client’s request.
  • Bad QA/QC process.
  • Quality of test run and actual products are too different.
  • Art Style and Quality are not unified/harmonized/inconsistent.
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Demoralization when Project did not meet Deadline due to Art Production

  • Counter-party lacks an experienced Art Director.
  • Ineffective/Incompetent work flow when dealing with conflicting time zones.
  • Far too many check-ups/reviews.
  • Has misinterpreted/partial understanding of client’s request.
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Cost overun without mitigation

  • Misinterpretation at the beginning leads to faulty quotation.
  • Multiple unexpected costs incurred.
  • Wasted precious time on minor fixes.
  • Obscured/Confusing scope of work between parties involved.
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Our clients no longer has to struggle with demanding projects and being misunderstood

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Over reliance on in-house team could exceed the budget and bear potential risk of costs and management. Outsource instead, CG Art provides quality artists at incredibly low price.

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It's your Game/Project. You are in complete control of the timing and the entire development process

Our process puts you in control of your development progress, with a diverse and flexible workforce to keep you fully staffed to deal with unanticipated elements.

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Flexible and Customizable

Our experience allows you to fine-tune, to tailor your needs with high efficiency, consistent quality and minimal cost.

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Design Language Accuracy and Precision

We provides a diverse collective knowledge of design languages, ensuring uniform quality with deep understanding to meet your expectation

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Client's Testimonials

We provides a diverse collective knowledge of design languages, ensuring uniform quality with deep understanding to meet your expectation

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At the beginning, I had my doubts. Cg Art is a relatively young team but to think they would finished the project astoundingly the way they did, with such passion, experience and potential but most importantly: Heart. Highly recommended

Mr Carlos Peris - Producer, Ubisoft Barcelona, Spain

My project at the time was very urgent, and I find it extremely difficult but maybe it is worth a try. With such efficient work flow from CG Art, I no longer have to struggle to find a suitable Outsource Studio ever again.

Mr. Kinoshita - CEO, Cave Studio, Tokyo, Japan

With the referral from my coworker regarding CGArt's quality, I still hesitate about my decision to employ their service due to time zone differences and potential language barrier. You have proven I'm wrong, and I can't be happier about it. Congratulations to CGArt, you have made it through a series of tough challenges.

Mr Dakota Grabowski - Director, GungHo Online, U.S

Extraordinary and Excellent, that's all I can say about my first project with them. I'm astounded by the sheer efficiency and professionalism from CGArt as a whole. I have gotten used to it because that's how they have always been and always will, I'm happy with my decision. Will you?

Mr Boris Vigec - Outsource Manager, Outfit 7, E.U

They trusted us and won the market



with applied services



on number of industries



on various competitions



fron all around the word

Take action now and conqurer those demanding and troublesome projects.

With just 3 simple steps:



  • Client(s) will receive samples from CGArt that are similar to the initial request
  • Clarify details from the very beginning
  • Artists selection process based on knowledge, experience and current skill level


Estimations and Planning

  • Optimized options will be presented based on Client’s budget and timeline
  • Work flow and process will be planned carefully to match the current project
  • Risk and Mitigation Plan to deal with unexpected elements


Execute, Revise, Adjust, Finalize

  • Agile process provides Client(s) a reactive and flexible system to monitor the project and make the necessary changes
  • Top-notch performance with all the necessary tools and project management on-par with in-house team, creating a seamless transition, like working Side by Side
  • Efficiency feedback processing in order to provide the best solution for the Client(s)


A Message from CGArt

At CgArt, we understand your desire, not only to have an aesthetically pleasing product but to convey the the sophistication underneath within the constrains of available time and budget from investors as well as publishers. In order to do that, you need an experienced studio with a flexible and diverse work force with a harmonized work flow to meet the demands from your project. Problem stems from the time consuming process, the tedious test phases and cost from multiple trial runs with different Art Studio to find the One, which makes you feel uneasy and needlessly worried about your project not meeting the deadline while having the quality you desired. We believe you don’t have to spend so much effort for such little gain.

We understand your frustration, which is why we are here, to find, to select, to train a large team of competent, experienced and flexible artists to adapt to your demands. Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Sampling.

Step 2: Estimations and Planning.

Step 3: Execute, Revise, Adjust and Finalize.

So, you share with us what you desire, what you are looking for. And in the meantime, feel free to let us know by filling the form below. So you can stop the frustration and possible risks threatening your project and instead begin anew, take control of the production process, from progress to quality at a reasonable, affordable price that your competitors can only dream of.


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With total 70++ years served clients and 200 projects we would like to learn more and enhance our services continuously